Tuesday, January 24, 2012


San Angelo Standard-Times

Crave: Living Light

* By Kathy Aycock
* Posted December 16, 2009 at midnight

Every year, about this time, we are all looking for ways to lose
those extra pounds that we put on during the holiday season. Try some
of these Twelve New Year's Lites:

#1 Learn the 3 and 1 Shuffle: Tune up your body to burn up more
calories. For each minute at the table, walk at least three.

#2 Scoop up Salsa instead of Fat: Dips are dietary disasters. Dunk
a dipper into spicy salsa and save 50 calories per scoop.

#3 Thrive on Five: Fill up on fiber - eat at least five servings
of fruits and vegetables daily. Fiber fills you up not out. Munch a
crunchy apple before the next buffet to help curb your appetite.

#4 Take the Punch out of your Drinks: Alcohol is a kissing cousin
to fat in the calories it keeps. Mix sparkling water with fruit
juices for bubbles without a bite.

#5 Let Fruit be your Just Dessert: Weigh your choices; apples at
80 calories versus pecan pie at 425 calories per slice.

#6 Party-goers Plan Ahead: Select creatively when facing a
bounteous, array of tempting treats. Take a casual stroll around the
table, filling your first plate with green crunchy crispy vegetables
and fruits.

#7 Live Lean: Lean towards lean meats. Use mustard instead of
mayonnaise for bread. Skip entrees swimming in sauce. Start
interesting conversation with the leanest person in the room.

#8 Shake the Salt: Taste food before you season. Try a new twist,
lemon or lime, on chicken or fish. Banish the salt shaker behind
closed doors and treat your taste buds to the natural to the natural
sodium in food. (It takes about a month to realize what you've been

#9 Watch for Signs: Get energized with healthy choices. Red alert
words on the menu that signal fat traps are: crispy, golden brown,
fried, saut?ed, creamy cheese, jumbo or supreme. Lights are hearty
broth-based soups, grilled chicken, stir fry, baked potato, side
salads with non-fat dressings.

#10 Sleeping Does Burn Calories: Everyday hassles may tempt you to
burn the midnight oil. Relax!! Sleep helps rejuvenate you, plus you
do burn calories while you sleep. The average person burns one
calorie each minute they sleep. Get your rest!!

#11 Eat well on the Run: Make an emergency energy survival kit. Tuck
an apple, dried apricot, box of raisins, or a banana within easy
reach. Natural nutrients supply you with a natural life.

#12 Eat Bright Colors: Red cherry tomatoes, carrots, red peppers,
radishes, apples, broccoli, lettuce, sweet potatoes, raspberries, artichokes, or
kiwi. The brighter the color is, usually the better for you.