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A lonely glass of juice or cola looking wistfully at an exotic Cosmopolitan or a pinacolada. Boring teetotalers! Not necessarily true. The rules of looking good apply universally and do not have to be partial to cocktails. You can use good glassware to serve anything from a simple juice to a mocktail. Why, even water looks brighter in a nice glass.
Lots of ice, slices of fresh fruit, mint and stylish glasses will elevate even the most ordinary drink. Some mint sprigs over jal jira. A green chilli and coriander over buttermilk or a sprinkling of roasted jeera over aam panna.
Let’s take the simple iced tea to greater heights. All you have to do is flavour the tea with aromatics such as orange peel, lemon grass or ginger before you pour it on ice. Fill a stylish beer pilsner glass with ice. Add a generous measure of lemon juice, sugar, mint leaves and pour in hot tea. Stir and top with more ice. Garnish with a fruit slice and more mint.
You should also try mixing a thousand milkshakes and generously dousing
them with ice cream. Fresh strawberries, chickoos, mangoes, bananas; the more usual cold coffee and chocolate treated with butterscotch ice cream. Serve them in steamed beer goblets or footed pilsners. Garnish with fruit or wafer biscuits.
Pina colada is everybody’s favourite drink. It isn’t difficult at all to make. Rim a glass by dipping it in pineapple juice and then into a plate of dessicated coconut. Put a few cubes of ice in a blender, add 120ml pineapple juice, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a spoon of cream, 60 ml coconut milk and blend.
Then there are the frozen mixes. Fill a jug with crushed ice, add a dessert topping, lime juice, soda or lemonade and slush it together using a hand blender. Pour into a nice stemmed glass and garnish with fruit or mint.
Make an exotic punch using frozen lichees or frozen pineapple with coconut water, even frozen watermelon with pineapple juice. Pour into stemmed wine glasses. They’re simple, easily accessible and quick. They also taste and look very good.

Source Asian Age

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